audio products

from 48V power to stereo preamp

perfects tools for films

"Why another preamp?"

Because everyday, sound crews have to deal with with multiple cameras or recorders, spending precious time accessing bunch of menus and parameters. 

At Lebel we focus on the simplest yet most efficient audio product possible, with minimum weight and volume. Even though their small size, Lebel products match the best audio equipments.

From the simple mic phantom powering to a stereo boompole preamp, our products are serious tool fo your shootings.

Staris is a compact and lightweigth stereo preamplifier. PWL is an autonomous +48 Volts phantom power source. Both run on a single AA battery. All are made in south of France near Toulouse, from the best components available on the market.

Since 2013


Lebel audio products follow simple rules: work with the nearest partners. Bare electronic boards are produced in Rhône valley, the housings are machined a couple of kilometers away from the workshop. The whole products are then assembled in our workshop at Villefranche de Rouergue.

ONCE a sound guy...

Lebel audio expertise comes from the experience of its founder and CEO Nicolas BOYER. Since the 2010's he spent a lot of time working on various shooting as a sound engineer. From the numerous problems he had to solve,  Nicolas, with the support of his team, imagined, engineered and built a series of products that can improve your everyday job : preamp on the boompole, quick installation, easy to use, harsh conditions. Lebel audio was born.

Now our clients are always full of suggestions about new functionalites to improve our products. Don't hesitate to give us feedback or ask us something special.



Easy to use

As usual you need to find quickly the optimum gain, or to deploy your boompole. No time for digital menus when camera is rolling!

Compact and lightweight

We spend a lot of time to find the perfect balance between size, weight, robustness and performances.

Single AA Battery

Because the AA battery is the cheapest, the most common in the world, we only need one to run Lebel products.


The Staris preamplifier is perhaps the smallest and lightweight solution to operate a couple of microphones in embedded audio systems. On a boompole with stereo transmitters or under a DSLR, you can have an instant control over the gains. The recessed potentiometer will keep your levels safe. The microphones are powered with +48V Phantom. No external powering, Staris only need a single AA battery to operate. Thanks to its high quality design, Staris sound is free from broadband noise and RF interferences.

built for the boom
149 grams
grams only, aluminium housing
with a single battery works for 
4 to 16 hours
hours of stereo 48V phantom with a single AA battery
Analog gain, from

+6 to +40 dB

recessed potentiometers

dB of analog gain, dual mono or stereo
 IP67 locking connectors
change the battery in a second

PWL Phantom for wireless

Need a wireless boompole? PWL is the ideal tool to connect a studio microphone with a standard wireless transmitter. It provides +48V Phantom for the microphone, and converts the signal from balanced to unbalanced audio. No need to adjust any gain on the PWL, because it has enough dynamic range (+6dBu max) and ultra-low noise electronic (-120dBu). 

Moreover, the PWL turns on and off automatically with the transmitter. 

In brief: plug it, insert a battery, enjoy!


PWL system


locked on the mic holder


 mini XLR connector


standard with XLR


LIGHT with mini XLR


use any AA battery